Questions and Answers

People have a lot of questions about school issues.  We'll try to answer them here.  If you have a question, please send it to 
and we'll answer it and post the answer here.

Q.  How much money are we talking for the high school renovations.
A.  The OSFC has earmarked $2 Million for the renovations to the high school.  Check back next week when we hope the list of renovations will be available.

Q.  Can a sales tax be used for schools?
A.  Sales Tax in Ohio is determined by state legislature and County Commissioners.  School Boards do not have the authority.

Q.  Just how big is the Greenville School District?
A.  The Greenville School District goes from the Indiana Border in Washington Twp., to about 2 miles from Bradford in Adams Twp., on the east side, and north from Beamsville in Richland Twp., to south of the Village of Wayne Lakes in Neave Twp.

Q. Why is it so big?
A.  The size of the district comes from acquisition over time of other districts which asked to be admitted to our district for a number of reasons.

Q. If we build a new school, how will it affect the operations of the district.
A. It should benefit the district a lot.  Right now it costs about $1.60 per square foot to operate the buildings that we have.  We will be going from five buildings down to two buildings.  Buildings like the one we are proposing are operating at about $.60 cents a square foot.

Q. Who decided on this school?
A.  A committee of citizens from across the district began meeting in January to discuss options.  The committee met until May and during that time toured existing buildings in our district and toured new buildings in other districts.  In the end the decision was made through a voting process to go with the building we have as the best option.

Q.  How can I find out how people have been voting?
A.   You can find out by clicking here Darke County Board of Elections Website and then click on Election Results in the upper left hand corner.

Q. I noticed that the gym floors at GHS were replaced, how was that paid for?
A.  Improvements such as the gym floors were paid for by a Permanent Improvement Levy which was voted in at the election in 1998.  It was for 2 mils and the money can only be used for building improvements. If the levy for the new school is passed, the PI levy will be removed.

Q.  I see a lot of talk about sidewalks in the area of the new school, what is the deal?
A.  All sidewalks, turn lanes and traffic control needed for the new school are provided for in the plans.  Most people are concerned about other streets in the area that don't comply with the city ordinance requiring sidewalks in a residential area.  At this time there are a lot of considerations.  Since Ohio St. is also State Route 121, the state as well as the city will have to be involved in the eventual decision.