Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Info on the School Project.

Many people have asked a lot of questions about the new school. We tried to answer all of them as best we could when they were asked but a couple took some research and/ number crunching but we have some new info now that should help answer those questions.  Our Superintendent, Susie Reigle has met with the City of Greenville as well as the architects about the project recently and in particular about the concerns about the sidewalks, turn lanes, etc.            
  She issued this statement this morning on that: "The City of Greenville is working closely with Greenville City Schools and Garmann-Miller (architects for the proposed OSFC project) to determine the need for sidewalks and roadway alterations pending approval of the bond issue for the construction of a new K-8 facility on North Ohio Street.  In a recent meeting, it was clarified by the architects that sidewalks and turn lanes are already included in the project costs that would be located on the school property.  The results of a traffic impact study will determine the need for additional sidewalks off the school property."      -Susie Riegle, Superintendent, Greenville City School District.  
The other question that has been asked deals with the operational cost of the new building versus the current buildings.  At the present time we pay for operational costs of East, South, Woodland Heights, Jr. High, Sr. High, Career Tech Center, Memorial Hall and the High School.
The total square footage that we now operate is 392,652.
The Original Cost to Operate All  Building = $545,102.44.
Elimination of Woodland, East, South and the Jr. High brings the total existing square footage down to 173,615 sq. ft.

Memorial Hall right now with 45,000 sq. ft. costs $1.59 per sq ft to operate.
Greenville High School right now with 142,689 sq. ft. costs $1.25 per sq ft to operate.
Career Tech Center right now with 31,348 sq. ft. costs $.63 per sq ft to operate.
These figures show the difference in the age of the buildings and the construction techniques.  The Career Tech building is the newest and cost the least to operate.

The proposed K-8 building with 254,778 sq. feet  is projected to cost $1.00 per square foot to operate.
The operational cost savings over a five year period will be around $105,000. That is just an estimate.  Many things in the new building can be.