Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New School Project - What it's all about.

The Project
  • A new, fully furnished facility centrally located to educate students in grades K-8 along with High School Renovations.
  • An environmentally friendly and efficient building utilizing the benefits of "green technology”
  • A building in which security features provide a safe environment for students and staff.
  • New classrooms providing up-to-date technology, science labs, and flexible learning spaces to enhance the instructional environment.
  • A building providing the space and accessibility to meet the needs of our handicapped population.
  • Renovations to the existing high school to create enhanced operational and educational opportunities.
The Rationale

The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) advised the district that aging buildings would cost more to renovate than to replace and OSFC would provide co-funding accordingly.
  • The consolidation of Woodland, East, South, and the Junior High would allow operational cost reductions contrasting the current building configuration.
  • The State's financial commitment to GSD's for the project is $18,192,750.
  • Interest rates are at an all time low.

The Cost For Taxpayer:
  • 6.43 Mills for 28 years and 1/4% School District Income Tax
    • Passage of levy would eliminate a 2-mill permanent improvement levy enacted in 1989
  • $ 100,000 home = $173.25 per year or $14.42 per month (taxpayer 64 years old and younger living in the home)
  • $ 100,000 home = $129.93 per year or $10.83 per month (taxpayer 65  years and older living in the home)
  • $ 25,000 income = $63.00 annually ($50 Senior Credit)

For information on figuring your tax burden go here: www.darkecountyrealestate.org/TaxEstimator/

If approved, the new school will be built on land that the school system already owns on North Ohio St.  The property is directly across from the Rest Haven Nursing Homes.  All infrastructure improvements such as water, sewer, street extensions and paving are included in the project.

The last new school built in the Greenville School District is the current High School. It will be 50 years old in 2013. There is money in the Ohio School Facilities Commission grant to refurbish the high school. It seemed that this was the most prudent course of action to take at this time. The current cost for operation of our current buildings is around $1.70 per square foot. New schools similar to ours are operating for less than half of that. So we go from four inefficient schools to one very efficient school and our operating levy lasts that much longer.