Friday, October 7, 2011

More Answers to Your Questions!

As Questions are emailed to us they will be posted on the main page and after a week will be reformatted and moved to he Q&A page. Check there first for any questions you may have.
Questions you asked aboutNumber of Classrooms:
The question was asked about how many classrooms would be in the building and we can give a partial answer.  Actual classrooms isn't known till the levy passes and the drawings are done.  We do know the Square Footage of each area and they are listed below:
Academic Core Spaces            76,960 sq ft
Special Education Spaces        11,840 sq ft
Media Center Spaces             10,351 sq ft
Visual Arts Spaces              5,800   sq ft
Music Spaces                    8,200   sq ft
Physical Education Spaces       27,675 sq ft

Number of Students:
The other question that came up today was how many students would use the building and it is here: Projected Enrollment - 1,805 students

People were also asking today about conceptual drawings of the new building.  Many are of the opinion that the committee is hiding something, and that is not the case.  Traditionally, drawings of the building, classrooms and other areas are not drawn till the money is approved for the project.  The site plan drawing is on this blog with an explanation.  When you build a new house, the first thing that is done is to secure financing, then have plans drawn.  This is no different.
Everyone should understand that this blog belongs to the Citizens Committee for Quality Greenville Schools.  The committee is composed of your neighbors and want every bit of information available.  That is so you can have it also.  Right now it's all on here on one page or another.

Thanks for all of your questions and please send any more that you have.