Pictures and Drawings.

New K-8 Building on North Ohio Street.
This is the artists drawing of the footprint of the new school.  The front of the building is directly across from the Rest Haven Nursing Home on North Ohio Street.  Visitor and Staff Parking is in front of the building.  Bus unloading/loading are is on the north side of the building as well as more parking when events are held in the building.  The street running west from the south property line is Cambridge Ave. and the street running west from the north property line is Greenmore.  The box in the lower right hand corner has some stats and here is a clearer version of what it says:
                                              Required                     Provided
Acreage                                      49                               62
Elementary Parking                     21                               21
Staff Parking                               92                               92
Middle School Visitor Parking     16                               16
There rest are parking areas for athletic fields which will not be built at this time.

Pictures of Garman/Miller School Projects

Garman/Miller has given us a lot of pictures of schools that they have designed including interior pictures.  We hope that this will answer questions that some people have had about the building.  Once our funding is established, there will be drawings of our building.  Any picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Cedar Cliff School - Cedarville, Ohio 
Click on School Project for more info.

Edgerton School, Williams County
Located at the corner of SR 49 & East River St. 

Elida School, Elida, Allen County, Ohio
Just off of SR 309

Overall rendering of Elida School

Lakota Local School District, Kansas, Ohio

This is the center courtyard at Lincolnview School
located at 15945 Middle Point Rd. in Van Wert County

Front View of Lincolnview School

Madison Local School District
Mansfield,Ohio (Richland County)

Artists rendering of Madison Local School

Minster Middle School, Minster, Ohio  Corner of 119 and 7th St

Parkway School, Rockford, Mercer County Ohio

Parkway Schools District Offices are housed in the building.

Garman/Miller are Architects and Engineers from Minster, Ohio in Auglaize County.  They have a very good track record in the school business.  The committee feels comfortable with G/M because they have taken the time to attend the Ohio School Facility Commission meetings and they know what the funding mechanism is and how it works.  They have been a pleasure to work with. In the very beginning they arranged for the committee to visit many of these schools as well as a new school in Wapakoneta.