Meeting Information

The most recent meeting of the Citizens for Quality Schools was held at Memorial Hall on Sept. 1, 2011.
At 6:00 PM the people in charge of the various committees met to discuss what their progress was at this point in time.  The donation committee has done a great job securing funds to keep the campaign going.  There are various projects in the works including a drawing for a signed Matt Light jersey as well as Kitchen Aid Apliances and other kitchen ware as well as other great prizes.  Private donations are also coming in and the committee feels good about the progress.

Voter Registration committee has been attending any school functions with information and forms for people to fill out so that we get the voters to the polls in November.  This effort will continue up to the time that the election occurs.

The publicity committee is also doing a great job and is gearing up for door to door hand out of information on the levy as well as the new school project.  Most school events will be covered by them also and they were at school building open houses.  We hope to involve local PTA's when they begin meeting.

The gathering of these talented people from every part of the community and school district is very heartening.  Watching young parents working with older community members, school administrators and teachers shows a total team effort that all can be proud of.  The next big event will be the Public Officials Briefing on Saturday September 10, 2011 in Memorial Hall's Anna Bier Room at 10:00 AM.  Students in the Greenville School District come from 8 townships, two villages and the City of Greenville.  All officials from those political subdivisions have been invited to this briefing so that community leaders have an understanding of what the district is doing and what they can expect in the future.