Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Clarification by the Architects on Square Footage and Sidewalks

School Board Member Joe Payne secured this information from the Architects Garman/Miller concerning many of the problems discussed this week on Shout Boxes, email and other places.
From Rudy Quinter:        
1.  The new building is planned to be larger than the totals of the older, replaced buildings.  This is due to several causes, primarily Ohio School Facility Commission (OSFC) requirements for room sizes for classrooms, labs, special education, art, music, media center, etc. Current classrooms are smaller than recommended and all others spaces are also undersized.
Additionally, we have planned an 1800sq. ft. performance stage off the cafeteria and 3 Physical Education(PE) gyms:  a 3500 sq. ft. for little kids and wrestling, a 7300 sq. ft. gym for grades 3-5 and volleyball, and an 8700 sq. ft.  gym for grades 6-8 PE and basketball.  
A study hall is planned at 1800 sq. ft. which can also be used as a community room.
2. The exterior materials have not been selected yet, but we would anticipate a combination of mostly brick and split-faced block.
3. Utility costs for several of our recently completed schools are running under $1.00/ sq. ft, so yes we are comfortable with that projected cost.
4. Sidewalks along the street are not required by OSFC.   If required by local codes or if desired by the school district, then we can use monies from the project budget to install them.
A question came up the other day about sidewalks on the opposite side of the street.   Even if required by local regulations, we can not use project funds for that.  
Only sidewalks on school property are fundable.
5. Project costs:
        Total K-8 building costs    $57,525,643
        State share                        $18,192,750
        Local share                        $39,332,893
        HS renovation funds            $5,667,107
        Total bond issue amount    $45,000,000